Thursday, July 22, 2010

I’m back! My husband and I had a fabulous trip with great friends. So much fun, lots of laughs and good memories. We came home Sunday evening. It went downhill from there- and fast! An emergency dental appointment with my youngest and up late because another child is scared from a rated R horror film…(Who let’s a 5 year old watch a horror movie? Oh ya, my mom) All is calm I think. (for now)

I have been catching up on local orders so I have not been able to open the Etsy store up till today. I’m back up and running.

A great customer sent me these adorable pictures of what she has done with her decals. I just fell in love and had to blog about it. Thanks Tina for sharing with us.


  1. Love the monogrammed potty!!! Wonder if I could convince hubby to let me do that, ha!

  2. I want to monogram my toitoi!

    I want to monogram my tervis - will your decals survive the dishwasher?

  3. Monogrammed potty.. so cute! haha

  4. They will go in the dishwasher but they don't last as long as if you hand wash.