Monday, March 28, 2011

Boy’s Only

With my sister having a baby I have been having so much fun creating BOY things. Not only did my sister just have a baby boy but my cousin just found out she is pregnant with a boy. I am so excited! I just have to wait till she picks out a name. (Come on Crystal- pick one please)

My husband’s boss and his wife just had a baby over the weekend. A BOY! He asked me to monogram some stuff for a baby gift to send them. Mind you, I have never met this family because they live in Pittsburg and we are in the Atlanta area. I usually can just create something quick and cute, but not this time. I think because I do not know their style it’s harder for me to just do it. So I did a few things and pray they like it. Here are a few pictures of some things I have created for this baby. I saw pictures last night and he is adorable.

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