Friday, August 6, 2010

BUSY is all I can say…

School started this week for two of my three girls. I have been sooo busy embroidering backpacks and lunch bags. On top of cutting decals…all I can say is IT’S CRAZY over here. I know it will be like this till January. It normally is and I have to just learn to manage my time better. Any suggestions would be great.

My good friend brought over some cute glass candy jars and wanted to put something cut on them. These are for teachers to set on their desk. I surprised her and added the polka dots and ribbon. I LOVE the way they turned out and I hope the teachers do too. Our children go to the same school so I’m excite to see what the teachers think about these cut jars. I am going to make some for my girl’s classrooms too!! How can I not?!

Okay friends, I have to go back to getting some work done while my youngest sleeps.