Monday, September 21, 2009

Ok- so I have not drawn a winner yet. Sorry!!! I will tomorrow so if anyone new wants to enter- please do. The weather has been horrible here. The rain has not stopped in days and because of the flooding my kids do not have school tomorrow. WHAT will I do with 3 kids stuck inside??? We can’t really go anywhere because of road closings.I will have my 4 year old draw a winner while my 7 year old takes pictures.
I think my next drawing will be a Halloween decal. I will make it short- maybe a week or two. That way someone will be able to use it right away for something fun. Any ideas would be great!!!

Another thing...anyone know how I can get a different font on here??? or maybe a signature line???


  1. Go here for a signature.

    Hope that helps! And Atlanta is crazy. too bad my office didn't cancel work:(

  2. Once you generated your signature? Where did you put the HTML code?